So, I have my daring moments, like singing with Sister’s Morales
many moons ago during an open mic night, walking along the DC mall alone at
night to see the sights, you know, stuff that I probably shouldn’t have done if
I had thought long term.

So, this morning as I was walking into work I had my bag and drink,
it was quiet, until I turned the corner at which time this came on a giant screen TV in the lobby:

Now, I’m not specifying my feelings on the quality of the
presentation…or the content…but I wish I had the confidence to do something
like that and not be worried about being made fun of. Not just the being made
fun of, but the fact that it’s in electrons for all to see FOR EVER! This was a
bold move. It’s seen by some 8,000 people every day. I couldn’t do it…and I’m
fairly bold. So, to this guy…congrats on the win, and here’s hoping you have
a bold future.


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