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FFF6 – day two


Day Twostarted off perfectly! Little to no traffic, great parking spot, partly cloudy
day so no sun  burn! And then, the line…why for a line!?! I have to say, for a
festival the Fun Fun Fun fest (
is so organized! You hardly have to wait for anything. The stages flip in
record time (other than cranky artists, I’ll talk about that later) everyone is
sooo nice. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been called honey, cutie,
sweetie…that doesn’t generally happen in San Antonio. The line was long because
they having issues with the connectivity with their IPhones. Yep, everything is
run on Apple at this joint. EVERYTHING! One of the other very nice things about
this festival is the bathroom set up…this may seem like a minor things but
being there for seven hours, you might have to use one right? So they have them
grouped in area near the various stages. They are blue or pink so no using a
potty after a boy… no offense but I don’t like going in after a guy. And they
have wash area, now, they were empty yesterday, but they worked very well day
one. The merch area is so thorough you hardly have to wait a minute before
someone comes up and asks for your order. As I said, they are super organized
and so nice. Ok, now back to the show.

Joy Formidable

I listened to them as I was standing in line, didn’t get to watch them ( They were ok.

Their sound does not change much between songs, so I had a hard time telling if I knew
the song or if it was a new one. I do like listening to them on the radio, but
didn’t seem like they had a lot of diversity to their music.

My attitude might have been colored by my time in line.


I don’t just love her because of the Yards part (she’s not a Yard, but she sure does look like
a branch of my family tree). I had high expectations for this show, and she
surpassed my wildest expectations ( I had heard she
travels with a guitarist to round out her sound (she records everything herself
on the album) but she also had two saxes with her for this one. She is so
vibrant, intoxicating and lively. I think I have a girl crush on her.  So, she starts off recording sections of the
song she’s going to sing on the looper and then and then that cacophony of
sound comes spilling out as this beautiful melody that gets into your soul and
implores you to dance like a maniac! I have seen the looper used at a Bob Schneider
solo show before and it was cool, but Merrill Garbus takes it to a whole
new level. Now, it is a love/hate thing with this band, there is no sort of. I
LOVE this music. It’s fun, different and has an amazing quality to make you
smile. Her performance alone was worth the price of admission. I wish it had
been longer, I wanted more the second she stopped. Will definitely go and see her again.

Walk about

So after tUnE-yArDs I went for another walk about waiting
for the next band I wanted to see. There is so much to see and do! Picked up a
bandana from Smart Car (who sponsored cars for the event). Had my picture taken
in front of the peacock painted car the day before. Grabbed a drink and cookie
so I didn’t get worn out again. The whole time the sky was getting darker and
the wind was picking up. It was crazy dusty! I had dust everywhere. I took my
glasses off and the dust was on my nose where the glasses touch, great look by
the way.  I was pretty tired of being grimy at the end of the day, my eyes hurt from the dust.

I was very grateful that the darkening clouds didn’t decide to produce any liquid and drop it down on the dusty crowd.
Was not ready for my first mud fest…nope, not at all. Disappointment: no Ryan
Gosling spottings. However, there was a Toadies (
sighting! That was exciting, I wonder if any of the acts here will be seen in
the next Dia de los Toadies (fingers crossed!)


I was looking forward to M83 ( I’ve heard several of their songs and
figured it would translate well into a live show.  There was a small technical snafu to start,
the mic wasn’t working. The sound was amazing, not so much the visual/live part….I
had a really hard time watching them. So I took some snaps and moved over to
the other stage to get ready for Girls. They sounded much better from afar. I
don’t know that I would have enjoyed them if I had paid to see them in a show. There
were just a lot of “things” on the stage and they weren’t facing the audience
while performing, they face each other like dueling pianos. It just was sort of
off putting for me. I was glad I heard them, and now I can move on.


From everything I’ve heard in either interviews or musically, I knew this was going to be an
interesting show ( Oddly, they had someone
putting flowers on all of the stands and the keyboard and the speaker…it was
weird, very weird. I don’t really like set dressing when it comes to live
music. I’m sort of a minimalist. All that stuff can be a distraction, either
from great music or to try and make bad music seem better than it is. There has
only been one show where the dressing made the band that much better, Avenge
Sevenfold. So, while watching this set up I was concerned that this was going
to be a distracting from bad. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch the
whole show, so maybe it won’t be that bad. They were pretty darn good. They had
backup singers in sequins, with flowers in their hair. The sound was fairly
round with the keyboards and drums. They were pretty fun to watch too, especially
the backup singers. I wish I had more time to stick around and watch them, and I
would definitely give them another watch if they came back.

Childish Gambino

Alright on to the Blue stage, this one I went to just to see what the deal was. So Donald
Glover ( of Community fame has this band. I’ve heard
some of his music, it’s pretty funny. It’s almost like a joke. One of the lines
was “scaring the blue out of you like Gargamel”.  His song Heartbeat is actually kind of
infectious. The computer went down for a little while and he did some great improve
to get through. He was really good. I don’t think I’ll buy any of his music,
but I might pick up a t-shirt for kicks.

It’s pretty nasty, so if you are sensitive to things, might not be for you.

Neon Indian

I had high hopes for this show. I have really enjoyed all of the music I’ve heard from
them so far. They are a Texas band, so hey, going to be fun. Well, as I’ve
mentioned the stage flips are really quick, not so much for this one. They sound
checked for what seemed like FOREVER! And THEN, they walked off the stage as if
to make an entrance. I left. I really dislike that stuff. Don’t be all annoying
during set up and then leave the stage as if we didn’t see you…just add in the smoke
machines and stupid Lord of the Rings music and it’s up there with the worst
show I’ve ever been to. I listened from a far as I tried to get a cupcake and
drink (which was a fail with swipy swipy machine being out).

I moved back to the orange stage to await Spoon.

Lykke Li

I purposefully left the Orange stage so I didn’t have to see Lykke Li ( The stage had a pretty nifty
set up, but I just don’t get it…I think I really have a problem with female
artist (except tUnE-yArDs) they annoy me, are whiny, nasally, dress inappropriately
and prance around with little substance. Yeah, I clearly have issues. I did however
love how she asked the crowd is there was anyone out there with the rich kid
blues to start out one of her song and she was met with stone silence in a
crowd of a few thousand people. So, now, onto Spoon!

I’ve been to Amoeba so I thought it was kinda cool.


The final act on the Orange Stage was Austin natives Spoon (
have followed them for almost four years since Ga Ga Ga Ga. Guess I jumped on
the band wagon with everyone else at that point. One of their peeps came out
and introduced them and let the crowd know that they had a bad night at a surprise
concert the night beforeThey had a really great set up with strings of lights hanging
around the whole stage and wrapped around the mic stands. It was a night show,
it’s subtle and doesn’t distract.

They played some oldies and some of the new stuff, did a great job on the set. I did head
out early cause I was tired of being buffeted with sand and smoke. I got to
listen to them some more while I was walking back out to the car. All and all,
it was a fun day.

P.S. updated photo page…check it out.

Next is Day 3…I’m still thinking about
skipping. It’s been a rough couple of days with the drive and all of the dust.
But I want to see Mates of States and Architecture in Helsinki. Will let you
know if I go. If not, I’ll have a review or two up later.




So, I have my daring moments, like singing with Sister’s Morales
many moons ago during an open mic night, walking along the DC mall alone at
night to see the sights, you know, stuff that I probably shouldn’t have done if
I had thought long term.

So, this morning as I was walking into work I had my bag and drink,
it was quiet, until I turned the corner at which time this came on a giant screen TV in the lobby:

Now, I’m not specifying my feelings on the quality of the
presentation…or the content…but I wish I had the confidence to do something
like that and not be worried about being made fun of. Not just the being made
fun of, but the fact that it’s in electrons for all to see FOR EVER! This was a
bold move. It’s seen by some 8,000 people every day. I couldn’t do it…and I’m
fairly bold. So, to this guy…congrats on the win, and here’s hoping you have
a bold future.

Toadies acoustic


Whitewater Amphitheater

It was a hot Friday night at the tail end of August at Whitewater
Amphitheater (
adjacent to New Braunfels. And the sold out Toadies Acoustic show was about to
kick of Dia De Los Toadies 4 2011! I had been waiting for this concert for
months. Bought the tickets the week they came out!  As always, my friend and I got there before
the gates opened so we could get a good spot up front. While in line, heard
talk about seating, ok, seating, probably off to the side. After we walked in…nope,
it was all up front! I didn’t remember seeing it as an option online…fail! First
time I’ve bought tickets for a show, so I will never be allowed to buy tickets
again! So we went and picked up a drink and something to eat. While in line,
guess who was behind us!? Todd Lewis, the lead singer of the Toadies! Rock
stars have to eat too! And I guess its tacos and fries.

Here is a video from last year’s show. I’m just out of frame of
the video…was in the thick of it for most of the show.

Quiet Company

While we stood in line we heard a little preview of Quiet Company
( doing their sound check. I knew I was going to
dig it! They did not disappoint. The venue was intimate and the crowd was much
smaller than expected. The whole band was wearing suits (insanity in the heat! But
looking sharp).  And this is what they
opened with

No, this isn’t a video from the show, but it gives you some
flavor. Next was a Pixies cover of Here
Comes Your Man
which of course I sang along with. This was followed by Songs for Staying In and a cover of
Weezers El Scorcho with one of my
favorite lyrics “I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon” The
band will be releasing a new record called WE ARE ALL WHERE WE BELONG Oct 4 with a little release show
Sept. 30th.  Their new song Fear and Fallacy,
Sitting in a Tree
is going to be something I’m guessing will be played on the radio pretty
soon, check it out:

To break it up the lead singer Taylor
Muse told a dirty nun joke, will not repeat on this blog, maybe in
person.  Next was a fun cover of Cakes Friend is a Four Letter Word. Then we
are back to another new song off the upcoming album called How Do You Do It with the sweet lyric “ just wanna see your smile
in the morning”, with their cuteness, wish they were singing it to me *grin*. After
that up beat tune we move onto a cover of the Smiths Ask, so here are the Smiths actually singing:

Lastly, sadly, they played another new song called On Husband’s Wives. I would recommend ya
go see them. Hopefully they won’t be wearing suits in 100 degree weather again.
Also, love buying merch and they have some really fun stuff. Bet if you go in
the next few weeks you can get some “Fire” sale merch and catch and autograph (I
did!) They were all very sweet and approachable.



With a fun opening cover like O0h
La La
how can this show go wrong!?! It didn’t! With Lewis playing a mandolin,
it was even better! The shows I’ve seen in the past are usually fairly hard
core. This set was mellow, which was a very nice change. Even the Toadies pointed
out that it’s not really an acoustic show, it’s more of a…well what do you name
it? I was thinking “Limited Edition Mellow Show” but even that doesn’t really
cover what this show is.

Up next was Dead Boy Boogie. I have seen the Toadies four times
now and they keep the show really fresh and the crowd goes crazy every time.  Of course was crowd favorite Tyler with a sing along and mandolin. Next
up were Doll Skin and  Mine.
There were a lot of covers tonight but I
really enjoyed the Toadies cover of the Beatles Don’t Let Me Down. Next came the crowd rousing I Come From the. Everyone was singing along with the whole song. It
was funny and sounded great despite all the drunk singers. Normally, I’m a “I
paid to hear the singer, sing not you!” person, but it was pretty amazing.

Followed by an AMAZING cover of the Talking Heads Psycho Killer and Clark killed a guitar
solo. Next up was Paper Dress and Song I Hate. And to much cheering it’s mandolin
time again aka “tiny guitar” and a cover of LCD Soundsystems Someone Great, check it out here:

Of course they had to play the song that sort of lead to this
whole Dia De Los Toadies(said in Texas accent) thing Possum Kingdom (which I’m sad to hear had burned again this year
due to the drought), followed by Send You
to Heaven
and another cover of and artist called Ida Maria called We’re All Going to Hell. After seeing
her video, I understood the attraction, very cheery/cheeky.  Clark on keyboards, finished up the night with
Mexican Hairless (we think, no lyrics
so not 100%)

The whole night was just so much fun and created some good
memories. Next year seats! And I guess I won’t be in charge with that. I swear I
didn’t get that option!!! And I leave you with this:

Also keep your eyes peeled for some photos to be posted

Next up will be the show…but I want to make sure that I have
it all put together in an orderly fashion. So it might be a few more days. My
life has been very busy, and I have a new computer to get us to. Will try it
put it tomorrow.