2011 top 10 list


I know, I know, everyone does a top 10 list! I’ve been sucked in and decided to write one as well of the live shows I’ve seen this year. Now, I write on just about every review that it’s a top 10 show, but I’ve really thought about it and set aside an actual top 10. I haven’t reviewed all of them as I have not been writing this review the whole time. I do have a few more shows left before the end of the year, but I’m pretty sure this is the list, here it goes:

1. Chris Isaak! (Gruene Dance Hall) This was the BEST SHOW EVER! I have loved loved loved Chris Isaak for twenty years and he is still the best. He can still hit those high notes and I shivered while he sang my favorites. It was a hot summer day, about 102 outside and he was wearing a full on wool suit with his band. He even came out in a mirror ball jacket. This is actually one of the best shows I’ll probably have in my life (unless my dream of Eric Clapton comes true)
2. Bob Schneider (at Sam’s Burger Joint) – this was a solo show (so, yeah, you’ll see another Bob show will be on this list). This was the second time I saw Bob and I was blown away with everything he did that night. First time I’ve seen a “looper” which was super cool. Bob puts on a mighty fine show and I’m looking forward to seeing him again the end of this week. Every time I hear the recording of Batman I just laugh and laugh, it’s a great way to fix the blues.
3a. Avenge Sevenfold (Alamodome) – I had very low expectations for this show, and was terrified when all of the “stuff” came out onto the stage. It’s typically (typically!) a sign of a weak band that needs props to keep up their sound. All of the fire enhanced this show! It was absolutely one of the best large site shows of the year…despite the props, which were so hot they seemed to burn off my eyebrows! I would totally go see them again.
3b. 10 Years (Warehouse live) – I have probably seen this band more times than Bob and I’ve seen Bob a lot! Every time I see them they are better and better. They an absolutely lovely band that spend time with their fans, sign just about anything and will stand around having their photos taken over and over. This was the best show I have seen of theirs so far and can’t wait for the next time they are on tour.
3. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears (Sam’s Burger Joint) – I have no idea how all the Honeybears fit on the stage, but I’m so glad not only that they did, but they were able to do their sweet dance moves (I have pictures posted) I love love love this band! Now, if you are sensitive to language etc, this is not the band for you. If you have a sense of humor and love an amazing classic sound, you will love this band too!
4. Gary Clark Jr (Sam’s Burger Joint) – I saw Gary Clark Jr open of Citizen Cope last year and it was so so. But on his own, it was a jam! The Austin native has been making some headway into the main stream, and justifiably so. He’s like a young, skinny BB King. Check him out!
5. Tune Yards (Auditorium Shores) – this show was much much much to short! If she ever makes it down this way I’m running to that show. You either love her or hate her. I love her! There sound is raw and emotional. And her use of the looper, dude! Unbelievable.
6. Chris Cornell – (Paramont Theater) – this was another one I had no idea what to expect since it was an acoustic (opening/sold out) show and without the rest of Soundgarden…it could have gone either way. He has some interesting solo stuff and it was a really great 2 hour show! I loved when he brought out a record player with a vinyl piano recording a friend of his did to accompany one of the songs. It was a different way of doing that whole acoustic thing.
7. Bob Schneider (Threadgils) – I said I’d put in another Bob, well here it is. This was a SXSW show at a classic place in Austin (Janis Joplin played there). This was the third show they had done that day so they were a little tired, but they kept it going. There was a little girl up front and Bob cut out the language from the songs and left me something I can play for the family (well, if you ignore the first part) I have this recording and listen to it over and over.
8. Ghostland Observatory (Whitewater Amphitheater) – was not a big fan of the opening DJ but the laser light show was unlike anything I have seen before. It was outside and the way it danced in the trees was so wonderful. I plan on seeing them again and experience it upfront…though I think ya might miss something of the lasers and be blinded. I would love to see the two guys up close.
9. Last but not least – Jimmy Eat World (Warehouse Live) – this was another one of those shows I didn’t know what to expect and was kind meh about. When the smoke machines started up I was much less excited. I was pleasantly surprise (obviously, duh!) and it was a really great show. They had the whole audience moving and singing with them. It was powerful! I have some photos of that show as well and will put them up there. If you have a chance to go see them it is well worth the money/time!
Bonus: Jack’s Mannequin: I put this one on here because I loved the whole show! Their openers were strong and interesting. That makes a huge difference. I’ve seen a bunch of shows with some really horrible openers and this was such a tight knit group ya just fell in love with them all. I have all of their music as well after hearing their stories. I did review this one, so check it out if you would like to know the openers names.
There were so many more shows that I would have loved to put on here, but I told myself it was a top 10 list not a top 25…I can’t wait until next years shows! There is some awesomeness coming up!


post – FunFunFun Fest


I had a blast at Fun Fun Fun Fest 6! I’m thankful to have had the
opportunity to go, thank you SA Current for the pass! After two days of being
buffeted by dirt and sand my skin is glowing but my hair and nasal passages are
still pretty unhappy. I’m really glad that I went when I’m old enough to afford
things and young enough to put up with some of the nonsense that happens.  I’ve been hardened to the ways of concert crowds so i knew how to hold my own. Even taught a youngster not to be so nice with the girls getting by.

The set up was so organized! I was really impressed with how quickly they turned over the stages and the people. I always
appreciate a group that can manage several thousand people but make it feel
like it’s just a few hundred. After this experience I am totally ready for
Bonaroo!  I’m not sure how I’ll fair in a tent with limited access to showers, but I’ll figure something out.

I was also really impressed with the varied line up,from Danzig to
Slayer and Childish Gambino to Neon Indian. It was great! I walked, I danced, I
ate, got sweet free stuff, bought some even cooler stuff. Best of all, I slept
in my own bed at the end of the night. I was sad about missing the third day
though. It was a bit much driving back up there for just a few short hours, and
well, it rained! There was no way I was going to get all muddy and have to sit
in my car on the drive back, been there done that…not really inclined to do it
again even for Mates of States and Architecture in Helsinki.

My favorite show by far was tUnE-yArDs (see Day 2 post). She was
soooo much fun and had a level of energy that was palpable. Of course Black Joe
Lewis and the Honeybears was a close second (always my fav). Was also very
impressed with Passion Pit and Spoon.

So here is the list of shows I saw over the two days of Fun Fun
Fun Fest:

Orange stage:

The Thermals (heard)

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Okkervil River

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Passion Pit

Joy Formidable (heard)


Ra Ra Riot



Lykke Li


Blue Stage:

Big Freedia (heard)

Spank Rock (heard)


Childish Gambino

Neon Indian (heard after walking away!)

Bands I wish I had seen:


Public Enemy


Future Islands

The Damned

Cold Cave

Le Butcherettes

Mates of State

Architecture in Helsinki


Black Lips

The wish I had seen either conflicted with another band of was on Day 3. Maybe someday I’ll
get a chance to see them if they come through again.

All and all, it was an experience I won’t soon forget and can’t wait to do again! Please go see the pics on the photos page.

FFF6 – day two


Day Twostarted off perfectly! Little to no traffic, great parking spot, partly cloudy
day so no sun  burn! And then, the line…why for a line!?! I have to say, for a
festival the Fun Fun Fun fest (http://funfunfunfest.com)
is so organized! You hardly have to wait for anything. The stages flip in
record time (other than cranky artists, I’ll talk about that later) everyone is
sooo nice. Can’t count the number of times I’ve been called honey, cutie,
sweetie…that doesn’t generally happen in San Antonio. The line was long because
they having issues with the connectivity with their IPhones. Yep, everything is
run on Apple at this joint. EVERYTHING! One of the other very nice things about
this festival is the bathroom set up…this may seem like a minor things but
being there for seven hours, you might have to use one right? So they have them
grouped in area near the various stages. They are blue or pink so no using a
potty after a boy… no offense but I don’t like going in after a guy. And they
have wash area, now, they were empty yesterday, but they worked very well day
one. The merch area is so thorough you hardly have to wait a minute before
someone comes up and asks for your order. As I said, they are super organized
and so nice. Ok, now back to the show.

Joy Formidable

I listened to them as I was standing in line, didn’t get to watch them (http://www.thejoyformidable.com). They were ok.

Their sound does not change much between songs, so I had a hard time telling if I knew
the song or if it was a new one. I do like listening to them on the radio, but
didn’t seem like they had a lot of diversity to their music.

My attitude might have been colored by my time in line.


I don’t just love her because of the Yards part (she’s not a Yard, but she sure does look like
a branch of my family tree). I had high expectations for this show, and she
surpassed my wildest expectations (http://tune-yards.com). I had heard she
travels with a guitarist to round out her sound (she records everything herself
on the album) but she also had two saxes with her for this one. She is so
vibrant, intoxicating and lively. I think I have a girl crush on her.  So, she starts off recording sections of the
song she’s going to sing on the looper and then and then that cacophony of
sound comes spilling out as this beautiful melody that gets into your soul and
implores you to dance like a maniac! I have seen the looper used at a Bob Schneider
solo show before and it was cool, but Merrill Garbus takes it to a whole
new level. Now, it is a love/hate thing with this band, there is no sort of. I
LOVE this music. It’s fun, different and has an amazing quality to make you
smile. Her performance alone was worth the price of admission. I wish it had
been longer, I wanted more the second she stopped. Will definitely go and see her again.

Walk about

So after tUnE-yArDs I went for another walk about waiting
for the next band I wanted to see. There is so much to see and do! Picked up a
bandana from Smart Car (who sponsored cars for the event). Had my picture taken
in front of the peacock painted car the day before. Grabbed a drink and cookie
so I didn’t get worn out again. The whole time the sky was getting darker and
the wind was picking up. It was crazy dusty! I had dust everywhere. I took my
glasses off and the dust was on my nose where the glasses touch, great look by
the way.  I was pretty tired of being grimy at the end of the day, my eyes hurt from the dust.

I was very grateful that the darkening clouds didn’t decide to produce any liquid and drop it down on the dusty crowd.
Was not ready for my first mud fest…nope, not at all. Disappointment: no Ryan
Gosling spottings. However, there was a Toadies (http://thetoadies.com)
sighting! That was exciting, I wonder if any of the acts here will be seen in
the next Dia de los Toadies (fingers crossed!)


I was looking forward to M83 (http://ilovem83.com). I’ve heard several of their songs and
figured it would translate well into a live show.  There was a small technical snafu to start,
the mic wasn’t working. The sound was amazing, not so much the visual/live part….I
had a really hard time watching them. So I took some snaps and moved over to
the other stage to get ready for Girls. They sounded much better from afar. I
don’t know that I would have enjoyed them if I had paid to see them in a show. There
were just a lot of “things” on the stage and they weren’t facing the audience
while performing, they face each other like dueling pianos. It just was sort of
off putting for me. I was glad I heard them, and now I can move on.


From everything I’ve heard in either interviews or musically, I knew this was going to be an
interesting show (http://www.facebook.com/GIRLSsf). Oddly, they had someone
putting flowers on all of the stands and the keyboard and the speaker…it was
weird, very weird. I don’t really like set dressing when it comes to live
music. I’m sort of a minimalist. All that stuff can be a distraction, either
from great music or to try and make bad music seem better than it is. There has
only been one show where the dressing made the band that much better, Avenge
Sevenfold. So, while watching this set up I was concerned that this was going
to be a distracting from bad. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch the
whole show, so maybe it won’t be that bad. They were pretty darn good. They had
backup singers in sequins, with flowers in their hair. The sound was fairly
round with the keyboards and drums. They were pretty fun to watch too, especially
the backup singers. I wish I had more time to stick around and watch them, and I
would definitely give them another watch if they came back.

Childish Gambino

Alright on to the Blue stage, this one I went to just to see what the deal was. So Donald
Glover (http://www.iamdonald.com) of Community fame has this band. I’ve heard
some of his music, it’s pretty funny. It’s almost like a joke. One of the lines
was “scaring the blue out of you like Gargamel”.  His song Heartbeat is actually kind of
infectious. The computer went down for a little while and he did some great improve
to get through. He was really good. I don’t think I’ll buy any of his music,
but I might pick up a t-shirt for kicks.


It’s pretty nasty, so if you are sensitive to things, might not be for you.

Neon Indian

I had high hopes for this show. I have really enjoyed all of the music I’ve heard from
them so far. They are a Texas band, so hey, going to be fun. Well, as I’ve
mentioned the stage flips are really quick, not so much for this one. They sound
checked for what seemed like FOREVER! And THEN, they walked off the stage as if
to make an entrance. I left. I really dislike that stuff. Don’t be all annoying
during set up and then leave the stage as if we didn’t see you…just add in the smoke
machines and stupid Lord of the Rings music and it’s up there with the worst
show I’ve ever been to. I listened from a far as I tried to get a cupcake and
drink (which was a fail with swipy swipy machine being out).

I moved back to the orange stage to await Spoon.

Lykke Li

I purposefully left the Orange stage so I didn’t have to see Lykke Li (http://lykkeli.com). The stage had a pretty nifty
set up, but I just don’t get it…I think I really have a problem with female
artist (except tUnE-yArDs) they annoy me, are whiny, nasally, dress inappropriately
and prance around with little substance. Yeah, I clearly have issues. I did however
love how she asked the crowd is there was anyone out there with the rich kid
blues to start out one of her song and she was met with stone silence in a
crowd of a few thousand people. So, now, onto Spoon!

I’ve been to Amoeba so I thought it was kinda cool.


The final act on the Orange Stage was Austin natives Spoon (http://www.spoontheband.com/)I
have followed them for almost four years since Ga Ga Ga Ga. Guess I jumped on
the band wagon with everyone else at that point. One of their peeps came out
and introduced them and let the crowd know that they had a bad night at a surprise
concert the night beforeThey had a really great set up with strings of lights hanging
around the whole stage and wrapped around the mic stands. It was a night show,
it’s subtle and doesn’t distract.

They played some oldies and some of the new stuff, did a great job on the set. I did head
out early cause I was tired of being buffeted with sand and smoke. I got to
listen to them some more while I was walking back out to the car. All and all,
it was a fun day.

P.S. updated photo page…check it out.

Next is Day 3…I’m still thinking about
skipping. It’s been a rough couple of days with the drive and all of the dust.
But I want to see Mates of States and Architecture in Helsinki. Will let you
know if I go. If not, I’ll have a review or two up later.

FFF6 – day one


Drove up to
Austin and to Auditorium Shores (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auditorium_Shores)
on Friday to attend my first multiday festival! While I was standing in line at
will call with the hot sun beating down on me in the 60 degree weather my heart
was beating to the sounds of the Thermals. I looked around at the bicycles and
the people, the smart cars and the city’s skyline wishing I had someone to
share it with. Despite the fact no one could go with me, I wouldn’t have missed
this for the world! After a minor hiccup of not being on the will call list, I made
it through the gate, 3-day pass on my wrist (I have to sleep and shower in this
thing for two more days, gross!).   By  the time I got thought the gate they were bringing Black Joe Lewis and the
Honeybears  (http://www.blackjoelewis.com) on the  stage. It’s a pretty neat set up. Each of the stage areas has two stages so the  band get swapped out very quickly.  I  walked around for a little while and looked at the tents until I found the  merch area. Of course I had to pick up a Black Joe Lewis tee to add to my  collection!

Black  Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Went up  toward the stage and watched one my favorite bands play. They rocked a lot of
the new songs off their latest album Scandalous and some of the classics. I was
able to make my way up to the front because they still aren’t as popular as I would
like to see. They have a small following in their native Austin, but they are
making their way out.  A few months ago  they were on David Letterman (see previous post for clip) As I was watching
them I thought I saw a familiar face behind them on stage, it looked a lot like  Ryan Gosling…and apparently it was. As much as I’m glad to see someone well  known watching one of my favorite bands, I was disappointed by his obvious
disinterest in them…move off the stage dude if you don’t like it rather than  hanging the black cloud over the fun.

Okkervil River

After Black  Joe Lewis the stage switched over to Okkervil River
(http://www.okkervilriver.com). I walked around some more while they played. They
seemed to play a very long set, and joked that their set up was eating into
their stage time. I walked a way for a little while and by the time I got back
Okkevil River was still playing (see next paragraph for walk about). I’ve heard
them before and they played a really great set. They had a little bit of a Quiet Company action going.

Walk  about

I wanted to  see the other stages. The yellow stage is for the spoken word business (comedians
etc.) and the Blue stage is for a bit more hip hop/DJ music. That area had some
ramps for skaters and BMX. They also had Hey Cupcake
(http://www.heycupcake.com), yummy! I noticed something as I was walking, a lot
of people with bandanas on their faces…there is A LOT of dust. There was dust
everywhere! I coughed a lung up on my way home because it had settled in my
mouth and nose. Ok, back to the fest, the Black stage is in the far side of the
fest and has metal! Didn’t hang out down there for very long, all the goth kind
of scared me and I was looking a bit more alt than metal. I walked around some
more as the sun sets, grabbed a brownie from Tiff’s treats (http://www.tiffstreats.com)
and waited for Black Joe Lewis to get set up to autograph (had tee in hand,
wish I had my vinyl!) They were delightful to meet and signed my tee. They are
sooooo cute and friendly! If I were more bold I would have hung out, but I had
meet my boldness quotient by going to the show on my own.

Clap  Your Hands Say Yeah

I walked  around a bit more and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (http://www.clapyourhandssayyeah.com)
came up on stage. I had not heard them before. They have a bit of a Bob Dylan
sound to them but with drums and piano. They were interesting. Not something I would
normally drive up and just see. They had a song were Satan was said like 20
times in a row. I’m sure there was a point to it…I just missed it. I was
standing in front of the stage waiting for Passion Pit to start!

At this point  I was tired and getting a head ache, either from the not eating or the dust or
both. I wasn’t going to hang for Passion Pits whole show, or was I? Crowd was
closing in on me. I was fairly close to the front of the stage…well, here it  is.

Passion  Pit

Passion Pit (http://www.passionpitmusic.com) were
the headliners for the Orange stage. I was predisposed to like them from what I
had heard. They are a little Jack Mannequin meets Jimmy Eat World. They rocked
that stage! The sound was amazing and they were polished! There sound was practiced
but not rehearsed. The lead singer Michael Angelakos was running around
the stage singing to and with the crowd. The crowd was jumping (even I was
jumping). It was a great show and I would totally drive to see them perform
again, maybe a more intimate venue though. They played at Stubbs (http://stubbsaustin.com) a while ago, would
go see them there.

Now, I’m getting ready to head out to Day 2 of FFF 6! Can’t

pre – funfunfunfest!


Fun Fun Fun fest (http://funfunfunfest.com)
is just one day away! I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! There are some
really great bands coming to Austin, and I won tickets! Thank you San Antonio
Current (http://sacurrent.com) for picking
me! I’ve wanted to go to the fest for months now, but couldn’t afford it. So, I’ve
taken a vacation day tomorrow and am heading up! It’s going to be a blast!

There are two band I’m really looking forward to seeing
tomorrow are Black Joe Lewis and the Honey bears (http://www.blackjoelewis.com)
and tUnE – yArDs  ( http://tune-yards.com). I have seen Black Joe
Lewis several times. They are awesome!  Please see below as an example of their

Disclaimer: this is adult music, don’t buy it and play it in
the car with your kid unless you want them to learn some new colorful words.

They are absolutely fabulous live! I first saw open last
year for the Toadies at Dia de los Toadies and I wanted more!

The next is tUnE-yArDs. I heard her earlier this year and
fell in love with her sound. Now, you either love her or hate her, there does
not seem to be any grey area. Her sound is raw and fun! See the video below:


So, tomorrow I will be joining the legions of unwashed
masses absorbing the sounds of some really impressive alternative music artists…oh
and Slayer (weird)

Below is the list of artists on the orange stage (the one I’ll
be parked in front of)


beirut @ stubbs


October 29th, 2011

Headed to Austin to see Beirut (http://beirutband.com) at Stubbs
(http://stubbsaustin.com). I didn’t know what to expect with the show. We got up a little bit early to eat
there. Wonderful bar-b-que! Go up and try it sometime when you have a chance.
They also have some AMAZING shows! Cake (http://www.cakemusic.com) and Mutemath
(http://mutemath.com) are both coming there soon.

So after filling up on some yummy Texas food, we moved on down to wait in line for the
show. The line wasn’t too long at this point. It also wasn’t full of the unwashed young masses I was thinking would be there. I wasn’t the oldest! It was a colorful pre Halloween  evening full of some really creative costumes. The pedicab
drivers were trying to outdo each other. There was a transgender Adam and Eve,
Slash, a Bobby in basketball shorts. It made the time pass quickly. Wrestled an
ATM Machine (giggle giggle), and waited for the first band to start.


Opening band was called Ramesh (the former front man for Voxtrot ). It was an interesting
concept with the big band. I didn’t really care for them. I can’t tell if it
was the arrogance dripping from the lead singer, the unimaginative and
repetitive lyrics, the repetitive themes in the songs…the 80’s getup of the
lead singer…I don’t know, it just all sort of bugged me. Don’t get me
wrong, I LOVE a goofy off beat band as much as the next person, but I just
didn’t care for them. Below is a sample

I really don’t like giving bad reviews, maybe I just didn’t get it, or because I had a
bad day…nope, I just didn’t see anything redeeming in the whining emo  hipster crap spewed from the band.


I went into this show with no expectation really. I figured there would be a lot of  hipsters, but maybe some people close to my age that enjoy a different sound. All warmed up by the opening band and knowing what was to come was going to be WAY better, I was excited. By now, you’ve probably figured out that it doesn’t really take much to get me excited when it comes to live music. I had read a little about the band beforehand, and I’ve heard several of their songs on amazon.com. They’re a lot of fun. The best way to describe the music is European folk style music. They have a wonderful mix of instruments (listed below, some unexpected) andthey have a tight set. Below is a nice selection of the bands videos.

This next song is called Nantes and the video is of an impromptu street show. This is what I really enjoy about this band.

And a cool Florance and the Machine cover of the previous song (for grins)

Sunday smile

I know that’s a lot of videos but I couldn’t stop posting! I had a lot of fun finding them.  Lead singer Zach Condon (originally from Santa Fe, NM) clearly enjoys what he’s  doing and been around the world sharing/learning his music. Here is a list of  the instruments played by the group, it’s pretty impressive:

The show was lively and I danced the whole time, it was much better than I had expected
(despite not really having expectations).

This blog kind of ended up all over the place today.  The cliff notes version is:

Beirut = fun! go see them

Ramesh = meh, pass

Enjoy the videos and the next blog will be of FUN FUN FUN FEST! So excited!

bush @ sunken gardens


Friday October 28, 2011 I found
myself walking toward the Sunken Gardens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Antonio_Japanese_Tea_Garden)
to see Filter (http://www.officialfilter.com)
, Chevelle (http://www.chevelleinc.com) and Bush (http://bushofficial.com) on the last night
of their tour together. We were running late, traffic is terrible getting to
this outdoor venue just north of downtown San Antonio. As we were walking up we
could hear Chevelle begin their set. People started running past us, all I could
do was laugh. My friend and I are usually very good about getting to show early
and seeing all of the acts (standing up front of course!). We found at that
Filter had already played. I had wanted to see Filter since they were one of my
favorite bands from college, still have their CD from then. That was a little disappointing
to miss them.  A local reporter told us
they did an abbreviate set and was “OK”.


So we walked in listening to Chevelle and went to get our merch.
As much as I love Sunken Gardens appearance (archinerd moment, it is a classic
WPA amphitheater) its sound quality leaves something to be desired. It’s plenty
loud, just not very clear. They’ve worked on it for years. It’s been closed
several times and there is never enough money in the city to maintain it. It is
beautiful though, please see the photos page.  Ok, back to the music, Chevelle has some well-known
songs played on main stream radio. I have to admit that I’m not as familiar as I
would like with the rest of their collection as one might like. They had so
much energy and for just three people there is some amazing sound! Below is a
great little collection of some of the more famous Chevelle songs.

I could suggest you check out The Clincher, it’ll make you get up and move.

One of my favorites is Send the Pain Below:

And of course The Red:

All three got the crowd moving and singing with the band. Always a
good thing at a show!


I’ve been listening to Bush since I was in college (around 1994)
and loved them! I’m not one of those girls that wanted to marry Gavin Rossdale
like so many of my friends. And now I can’t watch him dance and not think about
Pee Wee Herman or an epileptic Steven Tyler. For being married to Gwen Stefani
he cannot dance! This was only a minor distraction to the whole entertaining
value of the show.

The group kicked off the set with my absolute favorite song of
theirs Machinehead. That and Glycerine are the two songs that firsts made me
fall in love with them. Those songs kept me going through the long days and
nights of studio. Trying to get my project finished, drawing, painting,
coloring (yes, I learned to color in the lines in college!). Good times! The set
Bush brought back a lot of memories of those times. They also played some new
music from the album The Sea of Memories
released August 19, 2011. When Gavin started singing All Night Doctors I had to have it!

I was so impressed by how humble and genuine the band was. They
weren’t prancing around acting as if they were the best band ever. They were
just enjoying the last night of tour and the crowd that had assembled at this
beautiful venue in San Antonio. I had a lot of respect for Gavin after he came
down into the crowd and sang with them. It’s nice to see a band that has been
around as long as they have and still plays for the love of music and the
people not to just to be famous and be catered to. There are a lot of bands
that seem to lose that at some point and treat the audience with little to no
respect (Echo and the Bunnymen, I hope your listening). If it weren’t for the “goofy
people: standing there paying $40 a ticket and $30 a shirt you wouldn’t be
there. Soap box under the bed now.

They did a really great cover of Come Together (hello Beatles!). I’m
posting this not just for the song but for the “sweet” moves. It’s really
adorable, makes me laugh.

I leave you with this. It was a Top 10 show for the year. My
friend says I say that after every show. I just don’t say who was moved out of
the Top 10 because I don’t want to hurt feelings. It was a very impressive show
and Bush still has it. Check out their new album. I picked it up on Amazon.

Please see the next post on the band Beirut @stubbs.