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bush @ sunken gardens


Friday October 28, 2011 I found
myself walking toward the Sunken Gardens (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Antonio_Japanese_Tea_Garden)
to see Filter (http://www.officialfilter.com)
, Chevelle (http://www.chevelleinc.com) and Bush (http://bushofficial.com) on the last night
of their tour together. We were running late, traffic is terrible getting to
this outdoor venue just north of downtown San Antonio. As we were walking up we
could hear Chevelle begin their set. People started running past us, all I could
do was laugh. My friend and I are usually very good about getting to show early
and seeing all of the acts (standing up front of course!). We found at that
Filter had already played. I had wanted to see Filter since they were one of my
favorite bands from college, still have their CD from then. That was a little disappointing
to miss them.  A local reporter told us
they did an abbreviate set and was “OK”.


So we walked in listening to Chevelle and went to get our merch.
As much as I love Sunken Gardens appearance (archinerd moment, it is a classic
WPA amphitheater) its sound quality leaves something to be desired. It’s plenty
loud, just not very clear. They’ve worked on it for years. It’s been closed
several times and there is never enough money in the city to maintain it. It is
beautiful though, please see the photos page.  Ok, back to the music, Chevelle has some well-known
songs played on main stream radio. I have to admit that I’m not as familiar as I
would like with the rest of their collection as one might like. They had so
much energy and for just three people there is some amazing sound! Below is a
great little collection of some of the more famous Chevelle songs.

I could suggest you check out The Clincher, it’ll make you get up and move.

One of my favorites is Send the Pain Below:

And of course The Red:

All three got the crowd moving and singing with the band. Always a
good thing at a show!


I’ve been listening to Bush since I was in college (around 1994)
and loved them! I’m not one of those girls that wanted to marry Gavin Rossdale
like so many of my friends. And now I can’t watch him dance and not think about
Pee Wee Herman or an epileptic Steven Tyler. For being married to Gwen Stefani
he cannot dance! This was only a minor distraction to the whole entertaining
value of the show.

The group kicked off the set with my absolute favorite song of
theirs Machinehead. That and Glycerine are the two songs that firsts made me
fall in love with them. Those songs kept me going through the long days and
nights of studio. Trying to get my project finished, drawing, painting,
coloring (yes, I learned to color in the lines in college!). Good times! The set
Bush brought back a lot of memories of those times. They also played some new
music from the album The Sea of Memories
released August 19, 2011. When Gavin started singing All Night Doctors I had to have it!

I was so impressed by how humble and genuine the band was. They
weren’t prancing around acting as if they were the best band ever. They were
just enjoying the last night of tour and the crowd that had assembled at this
beautiful venue in San Antonio. I had a lot of respect for Gavin after he came
down into the crowd and sang with them. It’s nice to see a band that has been
around as long as they have and still plays for the love of music and the
people not to just to be famous and be catered to. There are a lot of bands
that seem to lose that at some point and treat the audience with little to no
respect (Echo and the Bunnymen, I hope your listening). If it weren’t for the “goofy
people: standing there paying $40 a ticket and $30 a shirt you wouldn’t be
there. Soap box under the bed now.

They did a really great cover of Come Together (hello Beatles!). I’m
posting this not just for the song but for the “sweet” moves. It’s really
adorable, makes me laugh.

I leave you with this. It was a Top 10 show for the year. My
friend says I say that after every show. I just don’t say who was moved out of
the Top 10 because I don’t want to hurt feelings. It was a very impressive show
and Bush still has it. Check out their new album. I picked it up on Amazon.

Please see the next post on the band Beirut @stubbs.