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2011 top 10 list


I know, I know, everyone does a top 10 list! I’ve been sucked in and decided to write one as well of the live shows I’ve seen this year. Now, I write on just about every review that it’s a top 10 show, but I’ve really thought about it and set aside an actual top 10. I haven’t reviewed all of them as I have not been writing this review the whole time. I do have a few more shows left before the end of the year, but I’m pretty sure this is the list, here it goes:

1. Chris Isaak! (Gruene Dance Hall) This was the BEST SHOW EVER! I have loved loved loved Chris Isaak for twenty years and he is still the best. He can still hit those high notes and I shivered while he sang my favorites. It was a hot summer day, about 102 outside and he was wearing a full on wool suit with his band. He even came out in a mirror ball jacket. This is actually one of the best shows I’ll probably have in my life (unless my dream of Eric Clapton comes true)
2. Bob Schneider (at Sam’s Burger Joint) – this was a solo show (so, yeah, you’ll see another Bob show will be on this list). This was the second time I saw Bob and I was blown away with everything he did that night. First time I’ve seen a “looper” which was super cool. Bob puts on a mighty fine show and I’m looking forward to seeing him again the end of this week. Every time I hear the recording of Batman I just laugh and laugh, it’s a great way to fix the blues.
3a. Avenge Sevenfold (Alamodome) – I had very low expectations for this show, and was terrified when all of the “stuff” came out onto the stage. It’s typically (typically!) a sign of a weak band that needs props to keep up their sound. All of the fire enhanced this show! It was absolutely one of the best large site shows of the year…despite the props, which were so hot they seemed to burn off my eyebrows! I would totally go see them again.
3b. 10 Years (Warehouse live) – I have probably seen this band more times than Bob and I’ve seen Bob a lot! Every time I see them they are better and better. They an absolutely lovely band that spend time with their fans, sign just about anything and will stand around having their photos taken over and over. This was the best show I have seen of theirs so far and can’t wait for the next time they are on tour.
3. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears (Sam’s Burger Joint) – I have no idea how all the Honeybears fit on the stage, but I’m so glad not only that they did, but they were able to do their sweet dance moves (I have pictures posted) I love love love this band! Now, if you are sensitive to language etc, this is not the band for you. If you have a sense of humor and love an amazing classic sound, you will love this band too!
4. Gary Clark Jr (Sam’s Burger Joint) – I saw Gary Clark Jr open of Citizen Cope last year and it was so so. But on his own, it was a jam! The Austin native has been making some headway into the main stream, and justifiably so. He’s like a young, skinny BB King. Check him out!
5. Tune Yards (Auditorium Shores) – this show was much much much to short! If she ever makes it down this way I’m running to that show. You either love her or hate her. I love her! There sound is raw and emotional. And her use of the looper, dude! Unbelievable.
6. Chris Cornell – (Paramont Theater) – this was another one I had no idea what to expect since it was an acoustic (opening/sold out) show and without the rest of Soundgarden…it could have gone either way. He has some interesting solo stuff and it was a really great 2 hour show! I loved when he brought out a record player with a vinyl piano recording a friend of his did to accompany one of the songs. It was a different way of doing that whole acoustic thing.
7. Bob Schneider (Threadgils) – I said I’d put in another Bob, well here it is. This was a SXSW show at a classic place in Austin (Janis Joplin played there). This was the third show they had done that day so they were a little tired, but they kept it going. There was a little girl up front and Bob cut out the language from the songs and left me something I can play for the family (well, if you ignore the first part) I have this recording and listen to it over and over.
8. Ghostland Observatory (Whitewater Amphitheater) – was not a big fan of the opening DJ but the laser light show was unlike anything I have seen before. It was outside and the way it danced in the trees was so wonderful. I plan on seeing them again and experience it upfront…though I think ya might miss something of the lasers and be blinded. I would love to see the two guys up close.
9. Last but not least – Jimmy Eat World (Warehouse Live) – this was another one of those shows I didn’t know what to expect and was kind meh about. When the smoke machines started up I was much less excited. I was pleasantly surprise (obviously, duh!) and it was a really great show. They had the whole audience moving and singing with them. It was powerful! I have some photos of that show as well and will put them up there. If you have a chance to go see them it is well worth the money/time!
Bonus: Jack’s Mannequin: I put this one on here because I loved the whole show! Their openers were strong and interesting. That makes a huge difference. I’ve seen a bunch of shows with some really horrible openers and this was such a tight knit group ya just fell in love with them all. I have all of their music as well after hearing their stories. I did review this one, so check it out if you would like to know the openers names.
There were so many more shows that I would have loved to put on here, but I told myself it was a top 10 list not a top 25…I can’t wait until next years shows! There is some awesomeness coming up!


concert going


As I’ve said before I go to a about a concert a week and most of the time I’m up front! Now it takes a lot of huevos rancheros to stand up there the whole time! So here are some hints: 

  1. get there early! I found that there are some many great opening bands! I fell in love with Like a Storm (http://www.likeastorm.com)and Lady Danville (http://ladydanville.wordpress.com/) and so many more because I get there early enough to hear the openers. Also, please clap for them and give them some energy. Nothing looks worse (well almost nothing) than creepily staring at them with no emotion at all. This is to you creepy guy at the Toadies (http://thetoadies.com) concert at Josabi’s (www.josabis.com)…I’m talking to you!
  2. wear comfy shoes! Most of the time I wear my Toms (http://www.toms.com)and they work well for me. Mostly, because I don’t have to worry about dirty feet if we’re outside or getting beer on my feet. I have worn sandals before, but it’s to a venue I know and that I haven’t had any issues with kicking bottles or being stepped on (yet another benny of getting their early) I have stood for more than 8 hours in my shoes before, so I’m serious about making sure they’re comfy. The only time I will wear heels is if I know I’ll be sitting down. Like at the Chris Cornell (http://www.chriscornell.com/) show at theParamount (http://www.austintheatre.org)
  3.  If you’re going to an outside especially in the summer (or an un-air conditioned space like GrueneDance Hall) make sure you drink plenty of fluids, and I am talking water here. There have been times where I have been so dehydrated despite my drinking tons of water that I almost feel over (thank goodness for walls!) make sure you drink plenty of water before /during the show.
  4. now, there’s a code of regular concert goers…if you leave the space, you leave the space! If you want to be upfront, get there early! I’m so not moving for you no matter what your story is! So back off!
  5. don’t wear anything you can’t wash beer out of! Some of the shows get crazy! They go flying through the air and hit where ever. Sometimes they even come from the band. I would also suggest something light and breathable. I have seen some funky things there…please check yourself in a full length mirror or you might be mocked J muffin top is wronged!
  6. make sure you wear your hair (ladies) in a way that can stand up to the moisture and heat. There are very few times I spend a ton of time styling because it’s a waste! In about two seconds it’s poofy.
  7. make sure your make up can stand up to the heat too! This can go for the men as well. I’ve seen some interesting things
  8. please, please please do not take huge bags! I really dislike being hit in the side and back by women who have brought luggage with them! Completely unnecessary! What are you taking? A book!? A radio?? A small child?
  9. and one of my biggest pet peeves….if you take your child…PLEASE TAKE HEARING PROTECTION FOR THEM! Their little ears are still developing! Give them a fighting chance to hear when they’re my age!
  10. also, if you drink and take your child, please have someone to take care of you! Don’t ever drink and drive! You just had a blast at the show! Stay alive to share the story! (soap box away)
  11. know what you can take in the pit! There have been times where I have been super scared by the pit and picked up where I thought I might be dropped and crushed. If you have a problem get out as quickly as you can so you don’t get hurt…however, a lot of times the madness is over as quickly as it started. Just get a feel for the group. There have been shows where we hung in the back because we knew the crowd was going to eat me alive! I missed being upfront but was really glad not to be black and blue at the end.
  12. after the show a few really special bands will come out and sign autographs after. They are some of my fav bands! They really love the audience and their fans. I have more pictures with my favorite arts! I have them set up on a digital frame and laugh each time I see them. Love the ones I have with Lewis from 10 Years (http://www.10yearsmusic.com) ! One of these days I’ll take a decent pic with Bob Schneider (http://bobschneider.com/) . He’s just so pretty I look dumpy!
  13. lastly…ENJOY YOURSELF! Give those funky guys in jeggings a chance, you never know, they might be your favorite new band!

 Well, that’s all the advice I can think of for now. I’m sure there is more, but I’m sleepy and ready for bed! Dude, it’s still light outside, so not rock’n roll!

 See ya next time and live the unexpected life!