I haven’t posted in a while, it’s been crazy around here! So this is what’s happening, I’m going to sing a little baby medley. I’m looking about six or so songs. The first one is going to be the song from Hook called When You’re all Alone. There is discussion on who will accompany me. Will also be singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Ella style, with my cousin doing accompaniment for that one. I’ll post the rough versions up here to show the progress. I’m excited. Going to teach myself some guitar and warm up the old piano again to do some of the background. It’s all very exciting. Its all for family, so this will be the only place you’ll find it, as I’m not really what you would call commercially viable. I love singing and playing music, so this is great and its out of love for a new little buddy that entered the world. If it turns out ok, will probably send it out to some friends that have kids that I don’t get to see, so they have some Auntie Jen Jen around.

Alright, here it goes, wish me luck. Next post will have some tunage attached.

Many blessing everyone.


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