This week has been very sad in the independent music world.

First is the rioting in London. Luckily, my new friends in Van Susans are ok (posted today) however, I’ve read that one of the warehouses that holds several indy bands music to be distributed was burned. @TDCinemaClub and @Pitchforkmedia reported it this morning on their twitter feeds. I’m all for expressing ones self (I have glitter nail polish on right now and look forward to having purple hair one day) but not when it comes at the expense of others expression. It makes me mad, sick and sad when I hear that. A few years ago, the state put up some hand painted murals along the road, someone when and tagged it. Why? What is the point of destroying someone else’s work!?  So, rioters, stop! You aren’t doing yourself or anyone else any good by behaving this way.

Second, someone stole Portugal. The Man’s (http://portugaltheman.com) equipment van! With all the equipment! The van was returned but all of the equipment is gone. They have posted that they wouldn’t like donations…but I know I’m defiantly going to their next show and buy a shirt. It’s nice to see the music world pulling together and helping out. It just sucks that anyone would do that! And at Lollapalooza! I hope whoever stole their stuff gets what’s coming to them (all things bleeped)! Again, people! Don’t mess with artists! What did they ever do to you!? Just don’t touch other peoples stuff period!

PS – here is a site with a list of all of their missing stuff. if you life in the Chicago area or stalk eBay please check it out and see if you can help: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&key=0AhuqJxSxnrEPdEUyd0oxNWJPTGphLXZkN1hNRFQ5dXc&output=html

Ok, I’m off the soap box….for now! As Wil Wheaton says “don’t be a D!*K!”

My next post will be WAY more fun. I’m going to write about Matt the Electricians live album which came out in January of this year. It’s really funny. One of the songs is called “Facebook Friend” (and it’s not bleeped). Sooooo keep your eyes peeled and let me know what you think! Here’s hoping that Portugal. The Man has a run of really good luck! And that the indy artist who’s work burned are able to recoup.


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