van susans _ we could be scenery


Until last week, sadly, I had not heard of Van Susans ( Fortunately they found my blog and introduced themselves to me. Now, they say they pattern their music after Jack’s Mannequin, which is why they wrote me. To me, they sounded a bit more like old school Material Issue with a little Erasure and a touch of Cure b-sides (70’s style). 

The EP I’m reviewing is We Could Be Scenery. The first song Cha Cha Bang was really where I heard the Erasure bit, and just a little bit. It’s a very catchy almost anthem tune. Check out their music videos on their website or see this live one . Love the Luchadores style fighting in the video on their website (the chones as a mask was maybe too far for me, but funny). I think my favorite line is “this girl, she’s crazy, it’s like dancing with a gun”. Sets the tone for the rest of the album. Very tongue in cheek love songs.

After that the EP takes a twist into Bones (re-mix), which starts out very quietly and builds to this mass of music and emotion. I definitely heard the Jack’s Mannequin in this one, and I don’t think it was just in the piano playing. The middle portion with Get Up, Get Out is probably my favorite song in this EP. It might be my new “get’n ready to go out” song. It’s another slow burn into some serious dance energy, though that might just be me. I was tapping my foot and shoulder shaking most of the song.

Plans is actually a sad song about lost love…but with that crazy peppy beat that makes you forget it’s about being apart from the one you love and still dreaming about a future that probably won’t have. Probably hit me that way because it’s feeling pretty applicable to my life right now…stupid life…but I digress. Check out the video

Now, the end of the album, Glow, which I hear as a homage to Jack’s Mannequin. It was a perfect end to the whole thing. “she made me feel like I’m glowing like starlight”, so beautiful and sad in one short phrase. As I listened, I wanted to hear more of the piano part and a little less drum, but it was a very organized cacophony of piano, drum, and guitar.

All and all, I would recommend checking out Van Susans We Could Be Scenery on a day you need a little pick me up. Maybe you’ll hear some other influences’, I’m not an expert, just a lover of music. I hope they come across the pond some day and if they play someplace with in driving distance of my little southTexas home, I bet it will be well worth my drive! I did buy the album off of Amazon so I could do this review. It was less than five dollars and worth every cent.

Again, please let me know what you think about my blog. I am always looking to grow and tailor to whatever ya’ll what to read/hear. Thank you to Van Susan’s for reading my blog and hope you enjoy my review! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hey thanks so much for the great review! Glad u liked the e.p. If you would like a hard copy of the cd let me know ur address and I’d gladly send u one 🙂 thanks again

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