one more tip…


So I left something very important off of my concert going post! Don’t, under any circumstance, wear a shirt for the band your going to see! Ya look goofy! Now, I’ve see people change into the shirts they bought at the show…somewhat pass. I would recommend either wearing a shirt for a band that is in the same vein, or one that is completely different ironically (hipster style J), at least that’s what I tell myself when I have a total shirt fail. Most of the time, I wear my concert shirts out on the weekend. It’s pretty rare that I’ll wear them to a show. And though I have a great many Bob and 10 Years ad 7D shirts I haven’t worn them to a show in a while, some times a Star Wars shirt is OK. The one for Bob has gotten me into some shows before with out a pass, so that’s cool. So if you decide to wear a concert shirt, make sure you edit.


So my next post will be about Van Susans  ( and will be my first listen only post…not a live show! Yikes! But at least you’ll get some song names J



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