Ghostland Observatory at Whitewater Amphitheater


This past weekend (July 15th 2011) I actually went to two shows with my concert friend, at her suggestion, as my birthday present…always a good prezzie for me!

The first was Ghostland Observatory ( at Whitewater Amphitheater ( First off, the venue is fabulous despite the fact it’s outside in 100 degree weather. the sun goes down behind the very tall trees and stage so it doesn’t really hit you when you’re standing there. They are well organized and don’t keep you waiting outside the gate past the time on the ticket (miracle!). I really appreciate that since it’s fairly uncommon around these parts. Have to admit, I hadn’t really listened to much GLO before the show…boy was I sorry about that later. They were amazing! (Once I plan on writing the blog in the future I’ll make sure I get song names etc…not so much for this one, sorry!) The audience was hysterical because they dressed similarly to the band in either capes or braids (some of the girls had on Native American maiden outfits. a few shouldn’t have!) glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets, ears, glasses etc. a guy standing next to us actually had them sticking out of the top of his bandana. Bonus, there were lasers! This is not your Pink Floyd lasers my friends. it was so beautiful dancing in the trees like a million little twinkle lights or lightening bugs. Normally my friend and i stand up at the front of the stage, however, with this crowd we thought it might be better hang back and watch. I’m really glad we did. being able to see all around made a huge difference. And, it was fun to watch several group of young people dancing to the music. one of those people being about 4 years old.  Between the audience and lead singer Aaron Behrens dancing on stage it was exhausting. There was so much energy both in the music and the audience. If you haven’t heard them, the closet definition of the music I can think of is electro/ funkish. There were several thousand people night we went, and there were two shows. The second night was sold out.

I don’t say this about many bands we see, but this one I would be willing to travel and do an over night to see. In fact, we are in discussions to go see them again up inDallas. It’s going to be hard to capture the energy that was at Whitewater that night but I’m willing to risk it. Also, Whitewater is a wonderful place. They mostly have country music or the like there. Last year was the first time I’d been there for the Dia De Los Toadies. Now, a an outdoor concert in August is just nuts around here, and though it was hot, it wasn’t intolerable. I suggest that you drink a lot of water before you go and hit up the wonderful food and drink locations while there.

Ok, so here is the first one. I’ll work on my descriptions and providing a set list when possible. For now, this baby is new and sleepy.

Next will write up the Jack’s Mannequin show.


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